The 11th annual Elton John Aids Foundation gala on Monday quickly turned into a Stevie Knicks concert. “I’ve got my big hat with the feather. I’ve got my tambourine. I’ve got my wind machine. I’ve got a white bird back there,” host Anderson Cooper said from the stage at Cipriani Wall Street. “I am so ready for whatever Miss Stevie Nicks brings tonight.”

Elton John offered his “sartorial apologies” for not being decked to the nines, having left a more flamboyant outfit at home in California. “I phoned my housekeeper up and said, ‘I’ve left my rhinestone outfit in the cupboard. Do you think that you could find it and ship it to me straight away?’ She emailed me back and said, ‘I’m afraid there is no designer called Ryan Stone hanging in the cupboard.'”

Nicks told the crowd, “This next song you know, so I’m not even going to introduce it. I’m just going to go get a cape,” before launching into “Stand Back.”