As a platinum recording artist and the star of No. 1 Hispanic celebrity reality series “I Love Jenni” on NBCU’s Mun2, Rivera has channeled her celebrity status to call attention to the plight of disadvantaged women and children. Aside from hosting a national radio program, executive producing Mun2 reality skein “Chiquis ‘n Control” and overseeing a clothing line, cosmetics company and a chain of boutiques under her name, Rivera has ventured into film with her feature acting debut, “Filly Brown,” which was picked up by Indomina, after unspooling at Sundance.

What we should know: “The entertainment-music industry is not all peaches and cream … it can be a very difficult and disheartening ride if our minds, heart and soul are not in the correct place. If our feet are planted in solid ground, a career in the entertainment industry can be exciting and lucrative.”

Words of wisdom: “Anyone that may want to enter this industry must be ready to persevere, have discipline and very thick skin.”

Smartphone habits: “As a mother and businesswoman, I take my phone everywhere.”

Work week: “My mind is at work all the time. I take my work as enjoyment and playtime so that I don’t think that I work too much.”

Life-work balance: “When I was younger, and as a single mother, all I wanted to do was supply for my children. Work was my priority. Now that I am older I think differently and prioritize in a different way. My family is first now, before anything.”

Charitable passion: “My favorite charity is any charity involving children and their special needs, especially children with cancer.”

Twitter: @jennirivera