Dance music may be years away from staging its own version of Live Aid, but superstar Dutch DJ Tiesto is making some headway toward that goal this weekend, launching a series of benefit projects in honor of World AIDS Day.

Through a partnership with AIDS org (RED), Tiesto will host a live stream Saturday and Sunday from the Stereosonic Festival in Melbourne, coinciding with the worldwide release of a benefit album — “Dance (RED), Save Lives” — featuring contributions from the likes of Calvin Harris, Avicii and Diplo, as well as a rerecording of U2’s “Pride” with Tiesto and Bono.

As for his connection to the cause, Tiesto recalls a 2006 visit to Africa, during which he witnessed “people who were barely alive” due to the ravages of the disease. But in a more general sense, he also hopes the weekend’s events will help to spark a greater degree of social engagement from the often inherently hedonistic genre.

“With EDM, things can still be very amateur in a number of ways and we’re still learning,” Tiesto said. “But we have to be an example for younger DJs, that it can’t all be about partying and having fun — there’s a responsibility that comes with our success too.”