TV org leans on influence

Television tops Internet, mobile in purchase influence, survey says

With all the buzz about marketing through mobile phones and the Internet, people sometimes fail to remember that TV remains the dominant advertising medium. TVB, which used to be known more formally as the Television Bureau of Advertising, is not about to let marketers forget about the power of the tube.

A recent TVB survey reveals that while new media are catching up to TV in reaching consumers, they have much less influence in decisions over purchasing. Among adults 18 and older, 37.2% say television is the most influential medium when they make a purchase choice. Internet is declared most important by 5.6%, and mobile barely registers, at 0.8%. In a bit of good news for a troubled medium, newspapers are second in purchasing-decision influence, with 10.6% of adults citing them.

TV beats all other advertising media in influencing purchase decisions among every age group. Best showing: the 18-34 group, where 40.8% say TV is most influential. Even among adolescents (13-17), TV beats the Internet in purchasing influence, 36.4% to 12%. And while 61% of the 18-and-over crowd belong to a social networking website, that doesn’t much influence what they buy either. Only 6.8% of that group says it makes a purchasing decision based on social network info.

One caveat: TVB is a broadcast-industry trade association whose members stand to benefit most from advertisers continuing to buy air time on networks and stations.