The U.S. presidential election naturally received heavy coverage around the globe, with broadcasters in most nations devoting plenty of airtime to live coverage, even if time zones worked against them. The global news media across all outlets weighed in with hope, concern and sometimes, biting satire.

Both the BBC and Sky News covered the election live throughout the night, but with results not confirmed till around 5 a.m. GMT, Blighty’s print media were not able to get the results in their morning editons. Still, the media in the U.K. watched the Nov. 6 election closely.

On the Web, Blighty’s tabloids had fun with headlines: The Sun’s “Double O Heaven” — an allusion to current U.K. mega-hit “Skyfall” — battled the Daily Mail’s “The Come-Barack Kid!” for best local pun. The media zeroed in on the challenges President Obama faces, such as the “fiscal cliff,” as well as the strong showings for women in the Senate and New Hampshire’s historic all-female state delegation, as well as the legalization of gay marriage (a hot topic in the U.K.) and the legalization of marijuana in two states. “A good night for U.S. liberals,” stated the Guardian.

It was an election in which social media played a huge part, with Obama’s victory tweet the most re-tweeted message ever from his account, and many of the U.K. media outlets were eager to point out Prime Minister David Cameron had been the first world leader to congratulate the president on his re-election, via Twitter. Cameron, in Jordan on a tour of the Middle East, said, “Warm congratulations to my friend @BarackObama. Look forward to continuing to work together.”

Interviewed later in the day in Jordan, Cameron highlighted Syria as his first order of business with the Prez.

Election 2012: The world view
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