The U.S. presidential election naturally received heavy coverage around the globe, with broadcasters in most nations devoting plenty of airtime to live coverage, even if time zones worked against them. The global news media across all outlets weighed in with hope, concern and sometimes, biting satire.

Mexicans tuning in Nov. 7 to Televisa’s top-rated morning show “El Mananero,” hosted by Victor Trujillo — aka “El Brozo,” the news clown — were greeted by an on-air interview with Univision anchor Maria Elena Salinas, who talked about the impact of the Hispanic vote on the U.S. elections. “No president can win without Hispanics,” said Salinas, noting that 75% of Hispanic women voted for Obama. The influence of U.S. Hispanics on the election took center stage in the local media, while immigration was also a hot button issue in the local media.

While the President’s re-election made it above the fold on nearly every national daily in Mexico, headlines were clearly less celebratory than four years ago, with papers such as Reporte Indigo splashing “¿Forward?” and depicting Obama stepping off a “fiscal cliff” waving and smiling. El Universal declared “Obama Wins” and “Swing States Dominate; The Latino Vote Decisive for His Re-election” while printing an editorial cartoon showing a Mexican standing at the foot of a giant wall with the top of a U.S. flag peeking over from the other side, and asking, “Did we win?”

Election 2012: The world view
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