Edinburgh Festival Fringe hit “Mies Julie” will launch the 2012-13 slate at Brooklyn’s St. Ann’s Warehouse, which will also host the return of much-lauded U.K. troupe Kneehigh Theater.

An adaptation of August Strindberg’s “Miss Julie” relocated to post-apartheid South Africa, “Mies Julie” was the highest-profile buzz magnet to emerge this year from the enormous lineup of Edinburgh’s annual Fringe. Adapter and helmer Yael Farber (“MoLoRa”) returns to direct the show’s American premiere, which kicks off St. Ann’s first season in its new venue following the recent demolition of its prior home. Casting for the Stateside incarnation of “Mies Julie” (Nov. 8-Dec. 2), produced by Baxter Theater Center at the U. of Cape Town in association with South African State Theater, has yet to be announced, although the Fringe version starred Hilda Cronje and Bongile Mantsai.

Kneehigh makes it second stop at St. Ann’s following the 2009 stint of “Brief Encounter,” which went on to a Broadway run following the strong response the show earned in Brooklyn. The company’s “Wild Bride” (Feb. 23-March 17), based on a Grimm fairy tale about a man who sells his daughter to the devil, lands at St. Ann’s after earning plaudits in a 2011 London stint.

One of the stars of “Brief Encounter,” Tristan Sturrock, brings his solo show “Mayday Mayday” (April 15-May 6), about his startling recovery from breaking his neck.

Also on the St. Ann’s bill is Russian creative Dmitry Krymov’s “Opus No. 7” (Jan. 9-19), a theater-puppetry-music hybrid; “This Clement World” (Feb. 5-17), from downtown musician-performer Cynthia Hopkins; and another Edinburgh Fringe outing, Cora Bissett’s 2010 title “Road Kill” (June 4-30), an environmental production about sex trafficking to be staged off-site.