The after-party for “Peter and the Star-catcher,” the Peter Pan prequel that opened Thursday on Broadway, was surreal.

For one thing, it was held in the Hitchcock-noir labyrinth of the Skylight at the McKittrick Hotel, the multi-floor venue where hipster “Macbeth” redux “Sleep No More” plays. Black-gloved cater-waiters hung slices of pizza on hooks. And unless you sought it out (climbing the shadowy stairwell up from the ballroom), you’d never know there was an entirely separate room upstairs with a wide bar and a live band.

In the nook of the detailed library that is one part of the “Sleep No More” set, “Peter” co-directors Roger Rees and Alex Timbers talked about Chekhovian depths and the next generation of great young actors — which wouldn’t have been so surreal if the pair of them weren’t dressed in identical ship’s-captain outfits. Fortunately, chats with the cast members kept things grounded. “The fart jokes,” said Greg Hildreth. “Those were all me.”