Jessica Chastain: ‘Heiress’ apparent

Celebs come out to Broadway show's afterparty at the Edison Ballroom

Jessica Chastain transforms from a shy, socially awkward virgin to imperious, cruel matron in “The Heiress” at the Walter Kerr Theater.

“It’s a great part, one of the best written roles for women in American theater,” Chastain said of the role that won Olivia de Havilland an Oscar and Cherry Jones a Tony. “I would have said yes if it was a film, if it was a miniseries, if it was a play. I just loved the role.”

For her Broadway debut, Chastain arrived Thursday at the Edison Ballroom afterparty in full-on Hollywood glamour, “I’ve always wanted to be on Broadway and I’m so happy to be here and yellow is one of my favorite colors,” she said of her gown, “and a representation of my happiness.”

“Downton Abbey” heartthrob Dan Stevens is also making his Broadway debut. As for his hit PBS series spawning Broadway groupies, he admits, “There are a lot. The enthusiasm for ‘Downton Abbey’ is kind of overwhelming over here.”

That doesn’t mean his compatriots don’t care, he added, “We’re excited about it in a British way back home and you guys are excited about it in an American way.”