“Mike & Molly” creator/exec producer Mark Roberts will be working overtime this month as he is toplining a revival of his play “Couples Counseling Killed Katie” at the Pico Playhouse.

Jessica Tuck co-stars in a run that starts Friday though Dec. 1. Some proceeds will benefit Down Syndrome Assn. of Los Angeles, Grant Elementary School (an org close to Tuck’s heart) and Rogue Machine, Roberts’ L.A.-based theater company. Proving it’s a labor of love, CBS’ “Mike & Molly” will be in production for the bulk of the play’s run.

“It wasn’t a genius idea on my part in terms of the timing,” Roberts joked. “I’ll be drinking a lot of juice and taking a lot of vitamins.”

“Counseling” was Roberts’ entry to TV, landing him a staff gig on “Two and a Half Men.” But he has never strayed far from his legit roots.

“I consider myself a playwright who works in TV, even though TV takes a lot more of my time,” he said. “I can’t quite give up that big theater money.”