Clarence Loos, a baggy-pants vaudeville comedian who appeared onstage alongside the Three Stooges, the Andrews Sisters, Mickey Rooney and Sammy Davis Jr., died May 25 in Las Vegas. He was 85.

Loos was a clown in an old-fashioned sense of the word, using pantomime and exaggerated body movements, corny one-liners and outrageous costumes. He was known for the pranks he pulled at his Cincinnati-area nightclub but also played clubs across the country and once in Japan, leading a variety of troupes over the years.

Loos toured with comedian-director Will B. Able’s well-reviewed “Baggy Pants,” which revived comedy routines of the past. It was highlighted in an HBO special.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, comedian Soupy Sales once described Loos as the “funniest man I’ve ever known. I stole half my act from him.”

Loos grew up in the Cincinnati area, quitting school after the sixth grade.

He is survived by his wife, two stepsons and three stepdaughters.