Los Angeles is the set of many movies; it has been the background to explore the inner world of its characters. In “Rampart,” the city is not only the background but becomes the inner world itself, which d.p. Bobby Bukowski explores with his powerful and emotional images, trying to understand the complexity of its character.

I find the camera angles are always searching for the essence, giving us a fresh perspective on a crude, real Los Angeles — the textures, the light, the shadows as a representation of pain, confusion and corruption.

A masterful use of available light, “Rampart” takes Bobby’s trained eye to get the best out of a location. I just loved every camera setup, every angle; it surprised me every time in the most unconventional ways. (Bobby’s work represents) a refreshing language that thinks outside the box, but without losing its sense. Every image is charged with emotion.

Xavier Grobet’s work ranges from indie features like “Before Night Falls” and “The Woodsman” to HBO series “Deadwood” and “Enlightened.”