Writers whip up quips at WGA awards

Woody Allen a no-show for 'Paris' win

As awards shows go, the Writers Guild of America’s annual confab isn’t one of the more glam events but it usually does produce some good quips. Sunday’s program at the Palladium in Hollywood delivered on that promise.

“I can’t believe he’s not here!” co-host Joel McHale said of Woody Allen’s no-show for his “Midnight in Paris” win.

“Joel…you’re embarrassing me in front of my potential nerd dates,” co-host Zooey Deschanel told McHale. Commenting on the appearance of screenwriters, “The Descendants” co-scribe Jim Rash announced, “Looks like they want the bald, good looking one to go first.”

Amy Poehler deftly introduced herself: “I’m comedy icon Amy Poehler.”

The WGA itself came under attack. “I read ‘Written By’ on the short walk from the mailbox to the trash can,” Mike Reiss said of the org’s in-house monthly.

David Fincher recalled meeting Eric Roth for the first time. “Here was somebody who hated more people than I did and I thought I could build on that,” said the helmer.

And Lisa Kudrow opined on the upside of her “Web Therapy” not being nommed: “If you’re not nominated then you can’t lose so we’ve practically won.”