World of Wonder celebrated its 21st birthday and its entry into book publishing at Universal Studios’ Globe Theater with a spirited holiday party and a red carpet.

Org’s founding pair Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato wrote “The World According to Wonder,” and were on hand Thursday night, mingling and dancing with guests.

“In this digital age, the idea of a book is almost anachronistic, but for us it’s like the ultimate app,” Bailey said. “It’s so versatile: You can read it, you can hold it, you can use it as a door stop or you can hit someone on the head with it.”

Book is slated to come out Feb. 5 and includes nearly 400 pages of exclusive anecdotes and 300 never-before-seen portraits of various “wowlebrities,” many of whom were present, including RuPaul, who served as the event’s emcee and DJ.

“I want to thank Randy and Fenton. They’ve entertained us and kept me out of the crack houses — that’s a joke, ladies and gentlemen,” RuPaul ribbed between sets. “But tonight we’re celebrating 21 years of oddballs, the people that march to the beat of a different drummer, all of you.”