ROME — Woody Allen will be shooting his next film in the U.S., mostly in San Francisco, and “a tiny bit” in New York, he revealed in Rome at the world preem of his latest pic, “To Rome With Love,” denying recent reports about Copenhagen being its possible location.

No further details about Allen’s next pic were disclosed.

Allen, who has just made back-to-back movies in London, Paris and Rome, said he had no idea how Copenhagen surfaced in the media as his next likely setting.

Packed presser followed a press screening for “To Rome,” which unspooled in a fully dubbed-into-Italian version, which non-Italian journalists were barred access from on strict orders from Allen’s publicist.

“To Rome,” a substantial part of which is shot in Italian — in an interesting twist — consists of four non-intersecting vignettes, two of which are entirely in Italian — one of these stars Roberto Benigni — while the other two are in English.

“I don’t like dubbing at all,” said Allen at the presser.

“Americans aren’t used to dubbing; we grew up without dubbing. It’s always very, very strange to us.”

A version of “To Rome” with subtitles in English of the film’s extensive Italian dialogue, will have its North American premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 14, prior to the pic’s U.S. release via Sony Pictures Classics on June 22.

Italy’s Medusa, which fully financed the film, is releasing “To Rome” in Italy on April 20 on a massive 600 prints, Medusa topper Giampaolo Letta announced.

Also on hand at the Rome presser, where the pic was well-received, were Alec Baldwin, who in the film plays a famous American architect who intersects with a young man played by Jesse Eisenberg, also in attendance; Penelope Cruz, who plays a call girl; and Benigni, who plays a regular Italian guy mistaken by paparazzi for a movie star.

Allen in the pic plays a retired opera director, in his first onscreen appearance since 2006’s “Scoop.”