Damon Wolf has been upped to chief creative officer and head of marketing strategy of entertainment advertising conglom Cimarron Group, which is looking to take advantage of Hollywood’s growing interest in China.

The exec has served as president of Cimarron Entertainment since 2009, and CEO of Crew Creative Advertising before that, which he co-founded in 1999.

In his new role, Wolf oversees all creative and marketing strategy for Cimarron’s U.S. and international businesses, as well as its growing hospitality and brand building business.

With more studios making films in China and looking for ways to get their pics seen there, Cimarron also has set up shop in the region to help market movies for producers and distributors

“Cimarron is a 32-year-old agency that started as a trailer house,” Wolf said. “What we have is a film marketing team that’s experienced in selling movies. We want to take the knowledge of what we’ve done in Hollywood and take that to China because the number of theaters that are opening there and the Chinese productions is just so large. There’s so much great product we can help market in a sort of Hollywood way that isn’t being done now.”

Cimarron currently operates offices in Beijing and Singapore, with both staffing up and Cimarron training hires in the U.S.

“There’s so much talent there to utilize,” Wolf said. “We’re educating them on how we craft campaigns here and letting them apply it in their own cultural ways, which is very empowering.”

The company’s especially turning to its social listening diagnostic tools which analyzes peer-to-peer conversations online and uses that information to craft more cohesive campaigns.

Film campaigns in China rely heavily on print. But Twitter-like tools have been embraced by Chinese auds, given that it’s one of the few online methods where moviegoers feel free to express themselves, Wolf said. “That’s where they get their feelings and points of view across to each other. That conversation is important and lets us dive into what people are talking about and see what their likes and dislikes are to create better campaigns.”

At the same time, Cimarron’s hospitality division has become the agency of record for multiple MGM Grand properties that include MGM Grand Sanya in China, MGM Grand Ho Tram in Vietnam and MGM Grand Detroit.

It recently inked an additional deal to market Diaoyutai, one of China’s first brand of luxury hotels that is looking to expand overseas.

Cimarron recently worked on Summit’s campaign for the “Twilight” franchise, and Universal’s “The Lorax,” “American Reunion,” “Five Year Engagement,” “Bridesmaids,” “Despicable Me 2,” Relativity’s “Immortals and Fox’s “Glee.”

“Damon has proven to be an invaluable member of the Cimarron team, taking the lead on numerous ground-breaking campaigns,” said Cimarron Group CEO Bob Farina. “The timing couldn’t be better for Damon’s bold creative energy and steady leadership to impact our expanding global business.”