Christmas may be the season to be jolly, but at Tribeca Film’s premiere of Edward Burns’ “The Fitzgerald Family Christmas” the cast at the Tribeca Grand Hotel Tuesday night was asked to recall their worst ever Christmas.

“My parents used to fight over real tree versus fake tree,” John Solo recalled. “When I was about 12 we had both and the fake one was silver so it was even more horrible. I was really embarrassed.”

“My worst Christmas was when I was 22,” said Caitlin Fitzgerald. “We were in Panama and hadn’t done our research because it was rainy season and it was like ‘The Shining,’ we were stuck in a hotel in the mountains for days.”

“Maybe not my worst, my most disappointing was I had my eyes on a Schwinn bicycle,” said Burns. “I was maybe 10 and didn’t get it. That hurt for a couple of months.”

Brian Williams planted a smooch on Burns’ cheek, then the newscaster cheekily recounted his worst Christmas, which included being “held up while selling Christmas trees out of a truck for the local Catholic church in Redbank, N.J., and seeing my first .38. He asked for the cash box and he got it. I was in high school and my dad said. ‘Guess what you’re not going to do anymore?’ That was the end of my Christmas tree business.”