The Writers Guild of America East has blasted Republicans leaders in Michigan for passing legislation that makes Michigan a “right to work” state.

The union issued the statement in the wake of approval Tuesday of bills making it illegal to require financial support of a union as a condition of employment.

The WGA East noted that such a bill allows nonmembers to work under union contracts without paying dues for the union’s services.

“The Writers Guild of America, East condemns this transparent effort to deprive organized labor of resources and to drive wages and benefits down, down, down,” the gulld said.

“What the Michigan politicians did has nothing to do with ‘rights’ or ‘work,'” the WGA East said. “It has to do with weakening organized opposition. A power grab, pure and simple. Knocking the props from under unions will not improve the lives of anyone who works for a living.”

The WGA East warned that people will be forced to work for lower wages and reduced (or nonexistent) benefits, without a voice on the job.

“Income inequality will continue to expand, the rich will get even wealthier, and the rest of us will struggle harder and harder to make ends meet,” it added. “Or, at least, this will happen unless we reject the distorted fairy-tale rushed through by Michigan’s cynical politicos.”