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CANNES —  The Weinstein Co. is set to expand significantly its TV portfolio with the World Dance Awards, a large-scale global event produced by the New York-based powerhouse, in partnership with famed Irish-American performer Michael Flatley

Harvey Weinstein announced the award show during his Mipcom keynote address on Tuesday, and was joined on stage by Flatley.

On top of hosting and performing, Flatley is highly involved behind the camera, as he’s participating in the creative development of the annual event.

“Over the years we’ve been involved (…) in the world of theater, the world of movie, the world of dance and the world of music and thought ‘how do we create a show that puts all that together?'” said Weinstein. 

Weinstein explained the award show, envisioned as a “performance-oriented” global event, will likely be scheduled in April or May, “after the Grammys and the Oscars and before Cannes so that networks around the world can have this.” 

The Weinstein Co. is shopping the program to international broadcasters at Mipcom. It hasn’t yet been acquired by a U.S. network. 

“If the World Dance Awards has a cousin it’s the Grammys,” said the upbeat Weinstein. “This show is going to be a real game-changer and a ratings’ blockbuster.”

Weinstein also said the show would have a “red-carpet element to it” as he would “bring in all the people (he’s) worked with.”

The exec also showed clips of new factual shows and drama skeins on TWC’s slate, including the Stacy Keibler-hosted competition format “Supermarket Superstar” and the epic drama series John Fusco’s “Marco Polo.”

“TV has become so exciting — Starz, Showtime, HBO, BBC Canal Plus — all these networks around the world have engineered some fantastic programs on the international level and the domestic level,” said Weinstein. 

“The movie business is shrinking to some degree and we have to look to new horizons (…). We’re lucky to have been successful right off the bat.”