While the second presidential debate raged Tuesday night, some people in Hollywood had another agenda. They’re the ones who gathered at the BevHilton to celebrate the Anti-Defamation League’s 2012 Entertainment Industry Awards, hosted by “True Blood” star Janina Gavankar.

Surprise presenter Maria Shriver got the crowd buzzing as she honored Rob Lowe for his dedication to the cause. “He knows deeply that words can hurt – he was called a ‘theater fag’ as he grew up. His whole life is authentic,” said Shriver.

Lowe, who supports the ADL’s work that also champions marriage equality, fights cyber bullying and provides law enforcement training in hate crimes, shouted out to his other pals in the ballroom. “William Morris Endeavor and Brillstein Entertainment, you’re all here for me tonight, and you could have been watching the debate tonight instead!” he exclaimed.

David Weil of Anschutz Film Group was also honored, introduced by his slightly uncomfortable kids; he got political in making sure that everyone knows that the ADL isn’t just about protecting Jewish rights.

“To the ADL, justice and fairness means justice for Palestinians and Jews, for Muslims and Christians, for everyone,” he said, sounding a bit like a candidate himself.