Ferris Bueller, meet Super Bowl Sunday.

Twenty-five years after the release of John Hughes’ classic pic “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” Honda has revived America’s deacon ditcher (a.k.a. Buellerrrrrr) in a new ad scheduled to air on Sunday.

While it’s sorta embarrassing to see a classic like “Ferris Bueller’s” resusitated for TV, let alone a Honda commercial, the new Super Bowl spot should entertain fans of the pic, even if cast members ‘Cameron’ and ‘Mr. Rooney’ are noticeably absent.

Shot entirely in Los Angeles, Matthew Broderick plays hooky from his agent in “Matthew’s Day Off,” with the 49 year-old actor joy-riding in the new Honda CR-V (I know, I prefer the Ferarri, too) and quoting several of the pic’s best lines.

Chk. Chk-chk it out: