Monday’s MoMA’s screening for David Cronenberg’s “Cosmopolis” offered proof that Team Edward “Twilight” fans, some of whom had camped out for two days, have kept faith in Robert Pattinson, making his first public appearance since a headline-making scandal erupted two weeks earlier regarding girlfriend Kristen Stewart.

The artsy eOne release found Pattinson in fine form as questions were kept casual and film-related.

On casting Pattinson as a Wall Street billionaire facing financial ruin, Cronenberg was candid.

“Does he have the star power to finance the movie?” asked the helmer. “Does he have the charisma to hold your attention through the whole movie, because he’s literally in every scene? Even a big Tom Cruise movie, he’s not in every scene — but Rob is. Eventually, I came to the conclusion Rob was absolutely the right guy.”

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In “Cosmopolis,” Pattinson’s character has sex in a limo and a prostate exam before decamping to a hotel to strip completely for sex with a hooker. Will “Twilight” fans approve?

“It’s definitely different. So it’s what they make of that,” said the thesp.

Guests were given three security checks before they could enter the Dream Downtown PD-D 12th floor afterparty, where newlywed Stanley Tucci huddled with Pattinson and Paul Giamatti theorized that “Cosmopolis” had nothing to do with current events like Occupy Wall Street and everything to do with “how alienated and lost people have become.”