“Jason Bourne was just the tip of the iceberg.”

You can say that again.

Universal has released the first trailer for the studio’s hotly-anticipated Bourne reboot, “The Bourne Legacy,” starring Jeremy Renner. Tony Gilroy (“Michael Clayton”) is at the helm, subbing for “Bourne” director Paul Greengrass while Renner replaces Matt Damon in the lead role.

Based on the Robert Ludlum espionage novels, Renner will play a new CIA operative, not Jason Bourne, in U’s “Legacy,” while several actors from the original Bourne pics, including Albert Finney, Joan Allen and David Strathairn reprise their roles.

In addition to Renner, “Bourne Legacy” also stars Edward Norton and Rachel Weisz.

Gilroy, who has written all four Bourne installments, replaced Greengrass at the helm last year after the “Ultimatum” director left the project over creative differences with Universal. Damon, having worked with Greengrass on the past two Bourne pics as well as “Green Zone,” followed suit, before slamming Gilroy publicly and calling the “Bourne Legacy” script “unreadable.” Damon later retracted his statement.

The previous three Bourne films have cumed over $1 billion at the global B.O. and U hasn’t had a hit franchise since, well, the Bourne movies. Needless to say, Universal has a lot riding on “The Bourne Legacy.”

Renner previously starred in “Mission: Impossible–Ghost Protocol,” which has grossed over $600 million worldwide, and can be seen earlier this summer in Par’s “The Avengers.”

Watch ‘The Bourne Legacy’ trailer: