Tyler Perry’s ‘Good Deeds’ premieres in L.A.

(Actress Rebecca Romijn and writer/director Tyler Perry attends Lionsgate’s “Good Deeds” screening on Tuesday)

HOLLYWOOD — A few minutes before the Valentine’s Day premiere of Lionsgate’s “Good Deeds,” Tyler Perry admitted he had given himself a unique challenge.

“The toughest thing for me was being so exposed because I wasn’t able to hide in a costume,” noted Perry, who’s best known for his Madea persona on-screen.

Perry’s the writer, director, producer and lead actor in “Deeds,” portraying a well-organized businessman — much like his directing style of doing only a few takes. Gabrielle Union , who portrays his fiancee in the film, said she remains impressed when she’s worked with Perry.

“It’s such a contrast — being done in two takes since I’m used to doing dozens on a scene,” she noted.

Perry believes he’s got to keep it brisk, adding, “If I’m doing the fifth or sixth take, I must be doing something wrong. At that point, the actors start to feel strange.”