Staging any sort of creative confab in Nashville without tapping into the city’s songwriter community would be the height of folly, and appropriately, local music supervisor extraordinaire Anastasia Brown has been running a panel on film and TV placement with the Nashville Screenwriters Conference for years.

However, her panel offers more than the usual Q&As.

Situated at the Country Music Hall of Fame, Brown’s panel Saturday will feature clips from upcoming film and TV projects from the likes of Paramount and ABC Family, and songwriters in attendance will have the chance to submit original songs for placement.

“For several years I was bringing in different music supervisors and studio execs, and we were kind of saying the same things over and over again,” Brown recalls of her earlier panels. Since then, Brown’s panels have helped place songs in “August Rush,” “Santa Clause 2,” “Dream House,” and “In Time.”

“Panels in Hollywood and New York can sometimes be depressing to us in Middle America,” Brown says, “because sometimes the message is ‘if you don’t live here, you’ll never make it.’ We try to send a more positive message.”

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