GUADALAJARA, Mexico — Argentinean Gustavo Fernandez Trivino’s “From Tuesday to Tuesday,” a mordant take on big city life, dominated the 6th Guadalajara Construye, taking seven of nine prizes Wednesday night.

The showcase of six pics in post, which was screened for buyers and fest programmers, ran March 6-7.

“Tuesday” proved a polemical title, turning on a gentle giant body-builder who fails to stop or report a rape, preferring to blackmail the rapist.

Pic is produced by up-and-coming Buenos Aires’ shingle Carrousel Films, whose credits include Natalia Smirnoff’s Berlin 2010 Competition player “Puzzle.”

Seen at December’s Ventana Sur, but now 12 minutes tighter, “Tuesday” will be re-edited to stress the price the bodybuilder pays for such callous behavior, producer Gabriel Pastore said at Guadalajara.

As part of GC’s prize spread, Alfredo Calvino’s Guadalajara sales company Latinofusion took international rights to “Tuesday,” putting up a $10,000 minimum guarantee.

Mexico City’s Churubusco Studios will cover the pic’s transfer to a 35mm negative; Kodak is providing 30,000 feet of negative and positive film and sound.

L.A.-based Titra will subtitle “You Think You’re the Most Talented…,” from Chile’s Che Sandoval, which charts a feckless husband’s epic bender-odyssey through Santiago at night in search of sex after his wife takes off for Spain.

An industry calling card, “Talented” had sale agents laughing out loud at the husband’s monstrously spineless immaturity.

Classically crafted, “Daggers in the Sky,” a Lima-set mother-daughter reconciliation drama from Peruvian vet Alberto Durant, will receive a Dolby Digital 5.1 sound mix from Mexico’s Astro LX.