It’s all in his head! Or is it? How to portray a character’s thoughts and visions in a way that is clear while also leaving the audience with a sense of anticipation and mystery poses quite the challenge for a cinematographer.

In “Take Shelter,” Adam Stone conveys this duality through lighting, framing and camera movement to suggest the protagonist’s tortured psyche.

The cinematography was grounded in a beautiful naturalism that created an evocative sense of place. The lush widescreen landscapes of rural Ohio were handsome and detailed, and the interiors were beautifully balanced and textured.

Another element to Adam’s cinematography that was particularly effective was the finely tuned, heightened reality of the disturbing visions that plague the protagonist, giving the viewer an immediate sense of dread. I felt as if we had climbed inside the character’s head and were experiencing this oncoming storm of confusion and paranoia along with him.

Tim Orr’s work ranges from “Salvation Boulevard” to Jerry Weintraub doc “His Way.”