‘This Means War’ to sneak on Tuesday

Fox moves official release date to Feb. 17 from Feb. 14

With stronger-than-anticipated tracking for Sony’s “The Vow,” 20th Century Fox has repositioned romantic comedy “This Means War” to have a single-screening sneak at approximately 2,500 locations on Valentine’s Day, with a wide release now planned for Feb. 17.

Studio originally had planned to release “War” wide on Feb. 14, but decided to further distance the pic from “The Vow,” which bows on Friday.

Fox said “War” will still be able to take advantage of Valentine’s Day buzz, aiming to build word-of-mouth over the following days.

Moreover, the film’s revised PG-13 rating will help attract teenage audiences. Last month, Fox trimmed a few dirty jokes out of “War” to get the MPAA to lower its original R rating.

Tuesday’s news is the second date change for “War,” which was originally slated to open over Presidents’ Day weekend.