Wednesday’s premiere of Screen Gems’ “Think Like a Man” had the entire cast discussing relationship do’s and don’ts on the carpet at AMC Empire 25 in the heart of Times Square. The overall response: Communication is key.

Pic’s Jerry Ferrara and Michael Ealy believe it’s something both men and women should work on, and leave the games at the door. Producer William Packer joked that one sex is to blame.

“Women are not doing anything right. That’s why the movie’s called ‘Think Like a Man,’ dammit,” Packer said.

Director Tim Story believes that women are really the ones in charge, advising, “Do what you’re told. That’s how I survive.”

Steve Harvey, who wrote the book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” that the movie is based on, attended with his wife, Marjorie. “My advice to women is never assume anything. Never assume,” Harvey said. As for keeping the romance with his spouse alive, he noted, “We still date each other.”

Harvey recalled their last big date. They were dressed for a night out, but he surprised her with dinner in the wine cellar, which had been transformed into a restaurant with private chef, roses and candles.

“That was pretty hot so we went right back on upstairs,” Harvey added.