After last week’s blowout London preem of “The Woman in Black,” Daniel Radcliffe was the sole red carpet attraction for Monday night’s unveiling in Gotham.

The star took the opportunity to wax on his career, calling the new CBS Films thriller “a really good start” for edging away from his Harry Potter schoolboy persona.

“I look very different, it’s a very different type of movie. I was under no illusions this film would come out and everyone would say ‘Omigod! He’s not Harry Potter.’ It will take maybe three or four years for people to adjust that we’re going off and doing other things.

“Also,” he added, “the story is so compelling that after maybe 10 minutes of trying to pick out little ‘Harryisms,’ they’ll be so into the story they’ll stop thinking about me.”

Radcliffe continues to tweak his image. Next up, he plays Beat poet Allen Ginsberg in the 1940s before he was openly gay or a poet.

“Wouldn’t most actors pick it?” asked Radcliffe. “It’s absolutely the biggest challenge of my career to date but I’m excited. I’ve done the American accent for ‘How to Succeed’ onstage for a year and this is different, I’m starting my New Jersey Jew accent. I’m working that up.”