BARCELONA — Studiocanal has inked several territory deals on 3D toon “Tad, The Lost Explorer.”

Sales pacts on Spanish helmer Enrique Gato’s debut pic include China (Leomus), Russia (Carmen), Germany (Atlas), Italy (Eagle), Eastern Europe (SPI), Benelux (Belga) and Switzerland (Impulse).

Leomus will bow “Tad” in China on Sept. 14 on more than 2,500 screens, said Jordi Gasull, at El Toro Pictures, who produced with “Tad” creator Nicolas Matji, Edmon Roch’s Ikiru Films, Telecinco Cinema, Lightbox Entertainment and Telefonica Producciones.

“Tad,” which combines a classic adventure yarn and humor, turns on do-gooder Tad Jones, a frustrated construction worker who dreams of becoming a dashing archeologist. He partners with a feisty young woman, Sara, searching for Inca treasure and dodging unscrupulous treasure-hunters.

“‘Tad’ explores friendship — making it more important than ambition, which is important given the current crisis in values,” said Gasull.

Media Networks, which is part of Telefonica Digital, has nabbed all Latin American rights to “Tad.”

Gato developed animation for vidgames, and directed toon short “Tadeo Jones and the Basement of Doom,” the starting point for the feature, which took a toon short plaudit at Spain’s 2008 Goya Awards.

Paramount Pictures Spain releases “Tad” in Spain Friday on a generous spread of about 500 screens. It will have to show teeth to gain ground on other family products, such as BVI’s “Brave,” which is in its fourth frame, but still showing stamina.

John Hopewell contributed to this article.