STOCKHOLM — After yearlong talks and an extension of the 2006 agreement, the Swedish government, the local film biz and several TV companies have inked a new Swedish Film Agreement, after a declaration of intent was signed in January.

The Swedish film biz is to receive an extra $4.6 million a year. Most of the additional resources will support drama series, films for children and young people, as well as shorts and documentaries.

“It’s good for Swedish film that the state and the film and TV industry continue to share the responsibility,” minister of culture Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth said in a press release.

The new agreement goes into effect on Jan. 1 and runs until the end of 2015. Many parties, including the Swedish Film Institute, have criticized the total sum for being too little for the industry’s needs.

Over the next three years, the state will support Swedish film with $30.4 million a year, while the industry will contribute around $33 million depending on box-office returns.

New parties to the agreement are SBS TV (formerly Kanal 5) and the Regional Film Funds Network.