Summit: Katzenberg calls for ‘exceptional’ 3D

DWA topper notes 3D B.O. is sensitive to prod'n quality of format

DreamWorks Animation topper Jeffrey Katzenberg called on bizzers to deliver “exceptional” 3D movies in order to encourage auds to spend money on premium ticket prices.

Katzenberg made his remarks in a taped interview recorded for the 3D Entertainment Summit, which kicked off Wednesday at Hollywood and Highland.

Katzenberg enthused that 2012 has enjoyed a “spectacular year” worldwide at the box office after a phase in which auds seemed to doubt 3D’s legitimacy and consistency.

“Some people tried to capitalize on the gimmick of 3D rather than giving a quality experience and trying to deliver something exceptional to audiences, and the audience really snapped back on us,” he said. “But I think the trend is growing and we’re starting to earn back trust and respect from the audience.”

Katzenberg also noted that he sees the critical response to a film’s use of 3D as having become more influential for moviegoers. “We can very clearly see a correlation between movies that are reviewed as critics as having high-quality 3D … the rate of ticket sales is off significantly for those that (aren’t),” Katzenberg said.

As for the small screen, Katzenberg asserted that while home viewers are warming up to the notion of investing in a 3D television, one big speed bump toward mainstream acceptance remains: The lack of 3D programming.

“There still isn’t much to watch,” he said. “Making that incremental investment, people want to know that there’s use and value in that. Sports has been pretty good, but it’s still pretty limited in 3D product you can get on a TV set.”