For the Saturday matinee premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theater, the three stooges of Twentieth Century Fox’s “The Three Stooges” arrived in character, but they took the occasion — or at least the venue — uncharacteristically seriously. They pulled up via Chinese rickshaw, eating Chinese food.

Even while conducting interviews, the thesps stayed stooges answering any of five scripted questions with choreographed responses. For example, asked what it was like working with helmers Peter and Bobby Farrelly, Chris Diamantopoulos as Moe responded, “It was Farrelly fun working with the Farrelly brothers.”

Will Sasso as Curly answered, “They treated us pretty Farrelly.”

And Sean Hayes as Larry concluded, “It was verily scarily working with the Farrellys.”

Thesp Kirby Heyborne went off-script a bit. He gushed about playing opposite “Modern Family” bombshell Sofia Vergara, describing a scene in the film in which “she’s startled and she’s brushing her teeth and she spits on my face in true stooge fashion. And I may or may not have kept my mouth open.”

He added, “I always have a little bit of minty Sofia in the back of my throat.” – — Michael Sullivan