It’s fitting that Fox Searchlight chose the Egyptian to host the preem of Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris’ sophomore feature, “Ruby Sparks,” on Thursday night, seeing as the Hollywood Boulevard venue makes an appearance in the film.

The high-concept romantic comedy, which serves as the directors’ follow-up to “Little Miss Sunshine,” stars Paul Dano and real-life girlfriend Zoe Kazan, who wrote the script.

While the industry at large was eager to see Dayton and Faris at work again after a six-year hiatus, Faris acknowledged there was “a lot of internal pressure as well. We love making movies, we just want to make movies we love.”

Dayton added: “You’ve got to wait for the right thing and the right conditions. We’ve had a few projects that we’ve really loved but for whatever reason, and there were many, they didn’t happen. Everything came together on this.”

Even though Dano and Kazan have been dating for several years, the shoot was “not without its challenges,” according to him. “Zoe and I wanted the same thing, so work was great. But going home at night after a 14-hour day in L.A. traffic, that’s where you might find a hurdle,” Dano said.

“Paul is someone I’ll never be able to feel embarrassed in front of because we know each other so well, so it lets you go further as an actor than you might with a stranger,” Kazan said. “On the other hand, when you both care so much about something and you’re pouring so much energy into it, the relationship does get neglected and we weren’t getting enough intimate time together. We’d squabble over stupid stuff. Never at work, but on the car ride home, like who got to pick what was on the radio. It was like, why are we fighting about this?”