Sometimes even stars audition

Lora Kennedy receives Hoyt Bowers Award at Artios kudos

Casting director Lora Kennedy thanked her “own binder full of women” Monday night as she accepted the Hoyt Bowers Award at the 28th Annual Artios Awards.

“We don’t cut anything, we don’t build anything, we don’t write anything, but we weave,” Kennedy said of her profession’s contribution to a production.

The Casting Society of America fete at the BevHilton (Hurricane Sandy led to the cancelation of the Gotham event) was not populated by casting directors alone: A few thesps showed up to present awards and receive them.

Jeremy Renner reminisced about his friendship with career achievement award winner Ben Affleck that formed during filming of “The Town.” Renner praised Affleck’s direction of “Argo” but complained, “Not sure why I didn’t get an audition, but that’s cool.”

Affleck was obviously pleased by his award. “The goal is to get some sort of achievement award before you go on Viagra,” he said. “I think I was close.”