Smith: Back on top with ‘Men in Black 3’

Comedy Impact Report 2012: Film - Will Smith

After a more than three-year hiatus from the bigscreen, Will Smith stepped back into feature films this year in a very profitable way.

With the box office champ toplining, “Men in Black 3” banked $624 million worldwide and emphasized that Smith is still a comedic heavyweight.

“You can look at other movies and compare them to things, but ‘Men in Black’ is a very distinct, very unique thing. It’s difficult to have a fantasy comedy that works on that level,” Smith told Screen Crave.

“They tend to feel not smart or there is something in the DNA when it’s those two things that sort of dissipates. So for me, I was excited about the degree of difficulty. Also, I haven’t worked in three years, so I wanted to put on some shoes that I knew fit!”

It’s been a long road since Smith’s “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” days, when the rapper-turned-thesp was known to mouth other characters’ lines in the first few episodes of the sitcom.

Today, Smith has proven that no hiatus can interrupt his undeniable onscreen presence nor his connection with audiences around the world.

And with a “Bad Boys 3” now in the works, Smith is set to continue finding fresh laughs in high-profile franchises.