A diverse array of stars came out July 17 for the Los Angeles bow of Oscilloscope’s “Shut Up and Play the Hits,” which examines the end of dance-punk band LCD Soundsystem. Though it was a relaxed red carpet affair at Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood — “Whoa, it’s so mellow! Love it,” chirped a pleased Elijah Wood — the special screening hosted everyone from Wood to Moby to Spike Jonze, who left the screening grinning.

The pic chronicles the band’s very last, epic four-hour show at Madison Square Garden, but Danny Masterson, a “big fan” of the band, still has hope they’ll return.

“You know they’re gonna play another show sometime,” the thesp said. “Just seeing how much they love it.”

LCD bandleader James Murphy had other things in mind. He’s moving out of his home soon, the stubbled singer said and focusing on “opening a store” with his girlfriend. And what exactly will this renaissance man be selling?

“Stuff that we make and like. Luggage and furniture and things I’d like to have,” Murphy said with a confident nod. Then, after a pause: “And coffee. Which we also make and like.” –