MADRID — “The Body,” Sony’s big Spanish bet for Christmas and the latest film from “The Orphanage” producer Rodar y Rodar, has rolled out major sales abroad.

Sony will release “The Body” on about 400 screens on Dec. 21, prime Christmas box office real estate.

Playing off the American Film Market, sales agent DeAPlaneta Intl. closed all rights for Japan with Shochiku, the U.K. with Kaleidoscope and Mexico (Star Castle Distribution).

In smaller territory deals, Medyavizyon has acquired Turkey, Cineplex for Colombia and Central America, and Edko Films in Hong Kong.

“The Body’s” official market debut at the American Film Market gave its sales the necessary momentum,” said Gorka Bilbao, at DeAPlaneta Intl., who is negotiating a pan Latin America pay TV deal.

A mystery thriller with a decisive last-act revelation and two of Spain’s biggest marquee value stars, Belen Rueda and Jose Coronado, “The Body” marks the directorial debut of Oriol Paulo, a rising star on Catalan’s genre scene, who penned Guillem Morales “Julia’s Eyes,” produced by Rodar, Antena 3 Films and Universal Pictures Intl.

This October it joined a long list of Spanish genre pics — such as “Pan’s Labyrinth,” “The Orphanage” — which have opened Spain’s Sitges festival.

Pre-buys include France with Initiative Cinema One, which will release via Bac Films, South Korea (Double and Joy Pics), China (Darklight Media) and Venezuela (Cines Unidos).