Shanghai Media Group reups ‘MasterChef’ deal

Chinese company nabs Shine's 'Minute to Win It'

CANNES — U.K. based shingle Shine and China’s Shanghai Media Group are collaborating on a second run of “MasterChef,” and a locally produced version of gameshow “Minute to Win It” for SMG’s Dragon TV.

“MasterChef China,” which made its local bow in August, will return for 12 90-minute episodes while “Minute to Win It” is being made in 11 90-minute parts. Both are due to air in 2013.

Deals were brokered by Mark Fennessy, prexy of the outfit’s international production division, Shine Network, Betty Chen, director of legal and business affairs at distribution arm, Shine International, and Yang Wenhong, VP of SMG and prexy of DragonTV, and Joy Xu, VP of DragonTV.

Yang Wenhong said: “With the SMG-Shine strategic partnership, Dragon TV is proud of expanding Chinese television horizons with China’s first-ever reality cooking show.”

“MasterChef,” which first aired in Blighty in 1990 before being revamped to give it a reality feel, is produced in more than 35 countries worldwide and broadcast in more than 200 territories.

Shine said that the cookery format had of late broken ratings records in Oz, India and Israel.

“MasterChef” has recently launched in Malaysia, Peru and South Africa, plus China.

“Minute to Win It” is a strong performer for NBC in the U.S.