SEAL of approval

Active-duty Navy SEALS out for 'Valor' preem

What to wear to your very first film premiere? The eight active-duty Navy SEALS that topline Relativity’s “Act of Valor” opted for heavily decorated uniforms on the red carpet at Thursday’s Gotham preem, held onboard the floating Intrepid museum. In fact, there’s little chance that the servicemen are planning to parlay their starring roles in the terrorism-themed actioner into Hollywood careers. The men bristled at the idea of talent agents or SAG membership, insisting they were merely playing themselves and are not actors (despite the fact that they delivered scripted dialogue in scenes with professional thesps).

“Pretty much everything that’s in the movie is real,” explained Scott Waugh, who directed what he called a hybrid documentary/narrative feature with Mike “Mouse” McCoy. “We did try to cast real terrorists, but the fuckers wouldn’t come play with us.”

Still, there’s one thing the SEALS share with red-carpet fixtures like Madonna and Cher: single-word monikers. Due to safety, the super-secret special ops used first names only, both in the film’s credits and with press. Nevertheless, their cover might have already been blown by a Super Bowl ad that featured multiple close-ups of the men.