At Monday’s premiere of Universal’s “Savages” at the Village Theater in Westwood, Oliver Stone explained the differences between his new film, with its themes of drugs and violence, and “Scarface,” which he penned 30 years ago.

Stone was joined at the premiere by “Savages” stars Taylor Kitsch, Benicio Del Toro and John Travolta, and they followed him to the afterparty at the Hammer Museum.

Stone described “Savages” as the “tender side of that (‘Scarface’) story.”

“I like stories about power, and this film really centered on that,” Stone said. “But this film also focused on six characters where ‘Scarface’ was really only aimed at one, and that was also one of the great pleasures of working on the film was with so many great actors.”

After schmoozing for most of the evening, Del Toro and Travolta ducked out a little early, leaving Kitsch to play host the rest of the night.