Two guests were noticeably absent from the Oct. 30 preem of “The Details”: Radius-TWC prexies Tom Quinn and Jason Janego, who couldn’t make it to Los Angeles from New York because of Hurricane Sandy.

Duo took on the film after the Weinstein Co. bought it at last year’s Sundance Film Fest. Since then, director Jacob Aaron Estes has spent more than 1 1/2 years cutting the pic to get it ready for its debut.

“For a couple years I’ve been working on this movie,” Estes told the crowd gathered at Hollywood’s ArcLight. “There are a lot of raccoons in the movie, but the movie’s not about raccoons. It’s about how people behave like raccoons. None of my collaborators ever behaved like raccoons.”

Producer Mark Gordon added, “As we were working on the film, we all kept saying to Jacob, ‘It’s too long, it’s too long.’ I’m sure you’ve never heard of that before, where someone says to a director that their film is too long.”

Guests, including Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson, walked over to the pic’s afterparty at Eden in Hollywood, although “Details” star Tobey Maguire headed home after the preem.