Samuel Goldwyn Films has acquired U.S. rights to Scott Cervine’s “People V. The State of Illusion.”

Pic, written and produced by Austin Vickers, explores the science and power of our perceptions and imagination in the vein of Goldwyn’s 2004 release “What the Bleep Do We Know!??”

“Illusion” is set in the New Mexico State Penitentiary and tells the story of Aaron Roberts, a single father arrested and tried on charges following an incident that claims the life of a woman. His daughter becomes a ward of the State and an attorney represents her in an innovative case that explores the science and power of perception and imagination.

Goldwyn and Intention Media plan to release the film in March.

The film includes Dr. Joe Dispenza, Debbie Ford, Brenda Dunne & Dr. Robert Jahn, Dr. Thomas Moore, Dr. Candace Pert, Dr. Peter Senge and Dr. Mike Vandermark.

Vickers, a professional speaker in the field of emotional intelligence and self-awareness, will appear at the film’s premiere in cities across the country to conduct audience Q&As.