SAG-AFTRA is urging its 165,000 members to oppose pending legislation that would make Michigan a “right to work” state.

The performers union issued the call in the wake of the Michigan House and Senate approving bills making it illegal to require financial support of a union as a condition of employment. Each chamber is expected to vote on the bills on Tuesday.

SAG-AFTRA noted that such a bill allows nonmembers to work under union contracts without paying dues for the union’s services.

“If the bill passes, Michigan would become one of the first northern manufacturing states to pass this kind of antiunion law and other states may follow,” the union said. “SAG-AFTRA urges Michigan residents to immediately call their senators and representatives and urge them to stop this bill from passing. The effort against this legislation is of nationwide importance.”

SAG-AFTRA has also posted an AFL-CIO petition on its site opposing the Michigan bills.

The union strongly opposed California’s Proposition 32, which narrowly lost at the polls last month. The proposition — dubbed the “Paycheck Protection” initiative — was aimed at curbing the political influence of unions by the banning the orgs from donating funds to political candidates and campaigns.