‘Safe’ punches, ‘Raven’ madness

Statham starrer preems in Gotham

Jason Statham famously does his own stunts, which might make any filmmaker feel anything but safe.

At Monday’s Gotham preem for “Safe,” director Boaz Yakin said there were “deadly stunts Jason’s not allowed to do, like jump out a window or get hit by a van. But mostly it’s wonderful because you’ve got a guy you’re not shooting around who’s more exciting and charismatic than anyone else in the scene.”

Statham, who arrived arm in arm with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at the Chelsea Cinemas, paused to consider his scariest moment making the Lionsgate actioner.

“I dunno. Running across the roof of a subway train?” he wondered. “Fighting thugs always poses its own set of problems. People are always swinging very hard and if you don’t duck in time you get rapped on the side of the head. I don’t suppose it’s scary but it has its element of keeping you on your toes.”

Has he ever knocked anybody out accidentally?

“Not on a movie set!” he said with a laugh. “No! I’m kidding.”

Farther downtown, there were few punches but lots of slicing and dicing at the Landmark Sunshine for Relativity’s “The Raven,” inspired by the life of Edgar Allan Poe.

“Isn’t it too gory?” guest Lee Daniels asked afterward at the Vault at Pfaff’s fete. Daniels directed “Raven” star John Cusack in not one but two of his upcoming films. “It scared the shit out of me. I was screaming like a little girl.”

Cusack called Poe the “godfather of goth. He made the abyss kind of romantic and that’s part of goth.”