Cameron Romero — son of horror icon George Romero — is wrapping post-production on back-to-back films that will be shopped at the American Film Market, both starring Tom Sizemore.

Continental Media is repping worldwide sales on the titles and plans to sell them as a package.

“Radical” centers on three American journalists taken captive by extremists who force high-level government officials to listen to their message and watch streamed images of the persuasive methods used on the hostages.

Sizemore plays a frenzied CIA agent attempting to locate and rescue the hostages.

“Auteur” is a horror-thriller which follows an acclaimed film director who suddenly disappears, taking all the footage of his latest film and leaving virtually no trace of his existence.

Soon to follow are the sudden deaths of his film crew and pieces of evidence that all point to one incident on set.

Benetone Hillin Entertainment is partnered on “Auteur” with Romero and Albert Sandoval. It’s the first of a slate of four projects in the $3 million-plus range.