Spanish comicbook artist Paco Roca will make his directorial debut with “Memorias de un hombre en pijama,” which reunites much of the team behind Spanish Annecy competition player “Wrinkles.”

Helmed by Ignacio Ferreras, “Wrinkles” adapted Roca’s eponymous comicbook, which won Spain’s 2008 National Comic Prize.

A multi-short feature influenced by “Seinfeld,” “Memorias” adapts Roca’s semi-autobiographical comic-book about a forty-something Peter Pan who has fulfilled his childhood dream of being able to stay at home all day, dressed in his pyjamas.

Shooting in 2D and targeting youth audiences, “Memorias” is set up at Manuel Cristobal’s Perro Verde Films, which lead produced “Wrinkles.”

Helmer-scribe Angel de la Cruz, who won an adapted screenplay Spanish Academy Goya for “Wrinkles” along with Roca, Ferreras and Rosanna Cechini, will adapt Roca’s comic.

“Memorias” will also spawn a TV-web series, Cristobal said.

Still rolling out international sales, “Wrinkles” is one of the most successful of recent animated features from Spain.

Shortlisted for 2012’s Academy Awards, it won two Spanish Academy Goyas and the Audience Award at Belgium’s Anima 2012 fest, and helped Cristobal’s Perro Verde win European Producer of the Year at March’s 15th Cartoon Movie meet.

“Wrinkles” competes at Annecy on Thursday and has a berth at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival later this month.