Red Bull flies with Heroes

Event to launch in Spain, Germany, Austria, Scandinavia, Romania in 2013

SAN SEBASTIAN — European film and TV producer Red Bull Media House is launching an extreme sport theatrical event for the bigscreen: Heroes by Nature.

Planned to play at cinemas every first Monday of the month, Heroes will comprise a feature or documentary plus the digital transmission of a live event featuring the film’s athletes and filmmakers.

Each month focuses on a different extreme sport, said Sophokles Tasioulis, RBMH head of cinema and international theatrical sales, at Spain’s San Sebastian Festival.

“Cinemas will turn into event locations and give audiences an entirely different immersive experience of the extreme sport world,” Tasioulis said.  

RBMH, the media division of the Austrian energy drink firm, will also hold exhibitions in cinema lobbies, creating a party environment. 

RBMH will launch Heroes in Spain, Germany, Austria, Scandinavia and Romania in January.

Booking arrangements vary: In Spain, indie distrib Wanda Vision will handle bookings and collections, RBMH the marketing.

In Germany, RBMH will probably use a booking agency. In Austria, it will work with cinema loop Cineplex.

Tasioulis said RBMH is looking for partners to support Heroes. It is in talks with Quicksilver, a Spain-based surfwear company.

“Our mother company is present in 165 countries and organizes 1,500 events a year,” Tasioulis said. “We make more and more events with athletes so we thought: ‘Why don’t we combine the two?’ ”

At San Sebastian, RBMH co-hosted with the fest, in association with Wanda and Quicksilver, a double feature: the world preem of Curt Morgan’s snowboarding doc “The Art of Flight 3D” and the European premiere of Christopher Nelius and Justin McMillan’s surfing doc “Storm Surfers 3D.”

Next year San Sebastian and RBMH will build a section dedicated to action sports, outdoor and event movies.