Film producer George Zecevic, founder of Smart Egg Pictures, died in Los Angeles on Jan. 20. He was 75.

At Smart Egg, Zecevic produced and co-produced films in the U.S., Sweden and the former Yugoslavia directed by Dusan Makavejev, Milos Misa Radivojevic, Jovan Acin, Wes Craven and many others.

London-based Smart Egg was involved in the production of “The Coca Cola Kid” (1985) as well as films including “Montenegro” (1981), helmed by Makavejev; “Una” (1984), directed by Radivojevic; “Hey Babu Riba” (1985), Acin; “The Gypsies” (1988), Emir Kusturica; and “Villa Orchid” (1988), Kresimir Golik.

Smart Egg’s most successful American venture was partnering with New Line Cinema, selecting and co-producing Wes Craven’s original horror thriller “Nightmare on Elm Street,” which launched Freddy Kruger and a franchise. With New Line, Smart Egg Pictures also produced the successful film “Critters” and its sequels.

Zecevic was born in Belgrade, in the former Yugoslavia. He earned a university degree in Economics in Belgrade and later earned an MBA at NYU. In addition to his film biz efforts, he was also involved in the auto industry.